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Vinyl Record Network Seller Agreement

This Agreement is between the above named (hereafter referred to as “Seller”) and (hereafter referred to as “VRN”)

1. Seller agrees to provide all necessary details regarding their vinyl record collection. This is to include the following: 


a. Artists 

b. Titles

c. Catalog Numbers 

d. Condition

e. Any additional information requested by potential buyers

2. VRN will make the collection available for bid to registered buyers for 3 business days. 

3. Following completion of bidding, VRN will make an offer to Seller for purchase of their collection. Offer will be based on highest buyer bid, minus 25% to be retained by VRN for their service. 

a. Service may include any or all of the following; managing/assisting in cataloging of Seller collection, promotion of the buyer bidding, collection and dispersion of funds.

4. Seller will be paid by VRN PayPal, Venmo or similar upon completion of the following steps: 


a. Completed bidding period

b. Seller accepts the offer

c. Buyer pays VRN

d. Seller provides one photo for each of the following (as per the packing video in the how to videos section on 9 total photos per box:  

1. Proper taping of bottom center seam and 4 side seams (corners) of the outer box. 
2. Proper taping of the handles (flaps) of the outer box. 
3.  1” layer of Peanut Packs on the inside bottom of the outer box.
4. Proper taping of bottom center seam and 4 side seams (corners) of the inner box. 
5. Proper taping of the handles (flaps) of the inner box. 
6. Peanut Packs filling any gaps in the inner box. 
7. Proper taping of top center seam, and 4 side seams (corners) of the inner box. 
8. Peanut Packs filling any gaps between the outer box and inner box. 
9. Proper taping of top center seam and 4 side seams (corners) of the outer box. 

e. After approval of 9 photos in section 4D above, Seller ships vinyl/record collection and provides tracking number. 


5. For every 75 records, Seller will procure (at Seller's expense) at their local U-Haul store a small box (16 3/8” X 12 5/8” X 12 5/8”) that will be used as the inner box and the medium U-Haul box (18 X 18 X 16) as the outer box, shipping/strapping tape (product# FT60) and 2 peanut paks (product# 49015). 

6. Seller will ship their vinyl/record collection to the address provided by VRN within 3 business days via USPS Media Mail. Seller will be reimbursed for actual shipping charges only by providing a receipt. 

7. Seller must insure shipment (at seller's expense) at their local post office equal to the value of the total amount paid by the Buyer. ($10.35 for the first $600 and $1.55 for every $100 above $600) 

8. Seller guarantees that the collection is accurate and exactly as described in cataloging posted for bid. Any missing items or inaccuracies in stated condition voids the purchase (VRN recommends that the Seller extensively catalogs their collection prior to shipping, including pictures and/or video for their protection) 

9. Voided purchases may be remedied in any or all of the following ways, in the sole discretion of VRN a. Entire amount refunded to Buyer and entire collection returned to Seller at Seller’s cost for shipping b. Revised purchase amount based on items in dispute - Seller to immediately refund difference between original purchase price and revised amount c. VRN may file a dispute with Paypal for up to the full amount of the purchase price

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