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About  Us

The founders of VinylRecordNetwork are music lovers, vinyl collectors and entrepreneurs. Our years of shopping for vinyl records across the USA helped us identify the need for a better way for owners of collections to sell their albums and for record store owners to find those sellers.  That is why we created

Record Store
Record Store

Buyers (Store Owners)

Spend more time in your store, doing what you love - interacting with customers and selling records. 

No more craigslist ads. No more driving hundreds of miles to examine a collection. No more uncomfortable haggling with collection owners.

We are experts at finding collections across the country.


Pay only what you bid plus shipping.

Sellers (Collection Owners)

Let us find you a buyer for your collection. 


Get the best offer from a nationwide network of record stores or collectors instead of relying only on your local shop.

No visits to your home by strangers.


We'll guide you every step of the way.

Stacks of Records
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